Privacy Rating API


Privacy Rating API

API for Data Privacy Ratings

Use of the Privacy Monitor API is free but requires attribution indicating “Privacy ratings provided by Privacy Monitor” with a prominent link to Privacy Monitor unless written permission has been granted to use the API without attribution.

Before Getting Started

Please be sure to review the privacy rating explanation so that you understand what each score means. The lowest score is 300 and the highest is 850.

Making Your First Request

To access the API, make a GET request to the following URL: where %s is the root domain name for the web site you would like to retrieve a score for.

For example if you would like to retrieve the score for, then %s would be without the www. Your code should pass only the root domain, the Privacy Monitor API will throw a score not found error if you pass a FQDN.

Looking for examples of root domain/hostname extraction including country TLDs? Take a look at the source code for one of the Privacy Monitor plugins

Score Found

If a score exists for the domain you are requesting, you will receive a JSON response in the following format:

	"name": "Placebook",
	"domains": [
	"score": 400,
  	"previousScore": 380

Score Not Found

If a score does not exist for the domain you are requesting, you will receive a JSON response in the following format:

  	"status": "error",
  	"message": "Domain record was not found",
  	"data": {}


Scores change regularly and providing accurate ratings is our highest priority. Please do not cache any score for more than 24 hours.


You have permission to use these scores in your own products with attribution. You do not have permission to sell access to these ratings or to provide access to our API to third parties. We have dozens of full time attorneys who work for us, please don’t make us use them for anything other than building this dataset.

Say Howdy

If you are building on our API, please say hi and let us know what you’re up to. Perhaps we’ll feature you in a blog or on an upcoming partner page. At the very least we’d love to build relationships with other privacy focused development and marketing teams. You can reach us at

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