April 2019

Misleader Board

Our attorneys analyzed thousands of privacy policies last month and flagged unusual legalese. What they found might surprise you!

April 2019 Misleader Board

If you interact with Capital One on any social media platform, you are agreeing to the privacy policy, even though you won’t be notified and have likely never been provided with an opportunity to review it. See the Capital One privacy rating.

NBC Universal tracks everything you do on their site, even keystrokes and information that you plugged into forms but didn’t end up submitting. See the NBC News privacy rating.

The popular crowd-funding site puts liability on the user to explain their privacy policies to others. If you share your contacts with the site, you are indicating that you have talked with each individual in your address book about what Go Fund Me does with personal data. See the Go Fund Me privacy rating.

According to their policy, SnapChat may (or may not) get your consent before accessing your contacts, location and other private information. See the Snapchat privacy rating.

One of the EU (for now) governments that participated in the creation of GDPR is not compliant with the regulation. See the GOV.UK privacy rating.

The airline has a privacy policy indicating how they will use collected data. It also states that the policy is not a legal document and creates no obligations for Delta, meaning you can’t hold them accountable to it. See the Delta privacy rating.

If you have other members on your account - such as family or employees - AT&T assumes they all gave consent and that the account owner “got everyone together to talk” about how the company collects and uses personal data. See the AT&T privacy rating.

This weather app that comes preinstalled on many smartphones not only uses location information, but collects health and biometric data from your device and connected wearables. See the Accuweather privacy rating.

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